ON-Cliff Camping Adventures

Escape your day-to-day life and hike or paddle the stress and dullness out of your week


ON-Cliff Camping Trips

The slightly different weekend experience

Our adventures may take you up to the woods of the beautiful Algonquin Provincial Park, the deep forests of Killarney, to the waters of the unique Massasauga back-country, the remarkable beaches of Thousand Islands, the magical clear water of Bruce Peninsula, or to the wild waves of Georgian Bay National Park.

The world of camping has many things to offer! It gives you the opportunity to pace down and change your perspective. You will discover the beauty of Canada's nature while enjoying the quietness without electronics and other distractions. But don't you worry, it won't get boring: There is always something new to discover, might it be a trail to hike on, a lake to paddle or swim around, or just the wildlife around you. Discover yourself and become more aware of your skills while keeping the camp fire going, helping preparing camping meals, and setting up tents, or just enjoy the company while having a glass of wine.

All the trips will be guided - its your weekend vacation - so come, be spoiled by our provided camping meals. Bring yourself and weather-suitable clothing, the rest of the equipment will be waiting for you.


ON-Cliff Hiking Adventures

Find your own pace when life wants to rush you

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ON-Cliff Guided Hikes

Follow us into nature

“To walk into nature is to witness a thousand miracles.” Make this quote by Mary Davis part of your own memories and join us on the trails. Let your own feet carry you through nature's miracles and experience your individual adventure. Hiking is so much more than just walking: find you rhythm while being exposed to the view of Ontario's great lakes, waterfalls, cliffs, and wildlife. 

Our guided hikes will make you experience Canadian nature accordingly to your physical condition. There is the perfect trail out there for you, just bring your hiking shoes, weatherproof clothing, and your camera. This hiking adventure might take you up to the trails of Bruce Peninsula, the deep forests of Algonquin, or even the woods of Massasauga.


ON-Cliff Bouldering Adventures

Eat, Climb, Hike - and enjoy the view!!


ON-Cliff Experince on the Boulder

Join us for some crimps

Feel the urge to climb some boulders? This adventure may take you to spectacular halfway log dump or to the rocky rocks in Niagara Glen. Crash on our crash-pads, eat our prepared nutritious camping food and snacks, don't worry about any camping equipment, just focus on your next project!