Our Mission

We offer sustainable travelling in Ontario to raise awareness of our planet. Our goals are aligned with the United Nations' Global Goals for sustainable development: protecting the planet, promoting well-being for individuals and animals,

and responsible consumption and  production. As an

Eco-Tourism company, we donate and support

local and environmentally friendly stores to

promote independent businesses.

Meet The Team

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Amir enjoys hiking, climbing, and schedules. He has been organizing and guiding outdoor trips for the past six years. He will put together the perfect itinerary for your trip, and, of course, a schedule. He also loves spicy food, which is usually scheduled with a high frequency in our trip itineraries. Amir is certified in Wilderness First Aid.

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Miriam loves horses, mountains, and chocolate. She has been exploring Canada's backcountry for the past 4 years, since the first day she moved here for her exchange. She will guide you savely to some gorgeous spots with some chocolate and humor. Miriam is certified in Wilderness First Aid.

Our Blog-Contributors

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Jenny is a climbing and hiking enthusiast from Essen, Germany. Starting next year, she will dedicate herself 100% to bouldering and travelling around Europe. She will share her stories and pictures on our blog and on her instagram account crux_europe. 

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Alex is a passionate boulderer, also from Essen, Germany. He and Jenny will travel the next year in his self-converted and self-refurbished transporter to explore the best bouldering spots around Europe. Alex will share his experiences, his tips and tricks, and some recepies on our blog and on his instagram account crux_europe. 

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Keith can tell a lot of stories, from which most seem to be unbelivable to 'common-sense' people. For example, how he ran and runs out of gas multiple times, or ends up having a flat tire. You do believe the stories tho by the time you meet him (or see his car from the inside). He, however, also always brings a guitar, good mood, and great food to a trip. In our blog, he will share some of his great recepies he came up with over the years, and are great for trails and camping.