Guided Day Hiking Trip in Bruce Peninsula

the express getaway

This quick escape to the clear waters of Bruce Peninsula is ideal for time sensitive schedules. It is your one day vacation, which gives you a peek into what this UNESCO Bio-Sphere region has to offer. Forget your stressful week on some of the most beautiful lookouts in Ontario.


the early bird catches the worm: Meet us at 8 am at meetup point for some hot beverages to go. 

11 am: leg stretching and road sandwiches to prepare for the hike. 

Stretched and strengthened we will hit the Bruce Trail. 

2 pm: Trail-Lunch! If you need some more refreshment. Here is the chance to go for a dip! Just be prepared, it won't be toasty!

4.30ish pm: we will wrap up this experience in a local brewery to make this trip unforgettable. 


Hike - Wine - Dine : Fall & Winter Series

The Perfect Sunday!

This is a perfect day trip for your Sunday : Combination of morning hike on a picturesque trail, brunch in a local winery, visit to panoramic waterfalls, and a taste of coffee in a cozy local cafe. All in one day!

The scenic trail takes you though beautiful landscapes and provides hikers of all skill levels opportunity to enjoy the magnificent fall colours. The trail also inter-connects with the famous Bruce Trail and provides many scenic lookouts for hikers to enjoy.

The winery we are visiting after the hike, is known for its versatile yet unique selection of blends and is a great place to have brunch, test some wine, and tour through the winery. If lucky, might get to try some grapes too!

Next up, we will head to a nearby waterfall for some well-deserved pictures and a dip in the fresh water. Going under the waterfall is an experience you do not want to miss out on!

Last but not least, we will head over to a local cafe and unwind over a cup of coffee or tea with some fresh-made desserts, there is also a gift shop nearby for those who want to remember the day.


8:30   Meet at Parking Lot, will head to the trail head

9:00   Start the scenic hike, stops for pictures and lookouts

11:00 Head to the winery for some grape-flavoured drinks and Sunday-special brunch!

2:00   Head to the local cafe for some hot drinks and sweet bites

3:30   Time to go home