Coffee, Pie, and a Hike <3

This weekend our hike was accompanied by a lot of snow and an outside temperature of -7 degrees. However, we had some beautiful sunshine with us.

From the Waterloo/Kitchener area it was about an hour of a drive to the Bruce Trail parking lot in Mono Cliffs Provincial Park. From here, we hiked a 5K loop, which took us about an hour and a half.

Surprisingly, we did not see any other hikers on our trail, even though the weather was perfect for this kind of hike. It was not too challenging and thus perfect for a relaxing Saturday afternoon walk to get some fresh air and some calmness. With all the beautiful snowy landscapes we got into a Christmassy winter wonderland mood. Therefore, do not be intimidated by the cold and do not hesitate because of the chilly weather to go out for a hike outside. Just make sure you wear efficient clothing. People often think it is unconfortable to hike in the winter, because it needs heavy winter gear. Honestly, if you just go for a hike, it really does not require heavy coats and snow pants. If you layer up efficiently, you can just take off one layer when you get too hot and put it in your backpack. I was wearing three layers for this hike: a merino baselayer, my sweatshirt, a slightly thicker sweatshirt jacket, and my insolated thermo pants. You do want to make sure that your pants go over your boots, so snow does not get into your shoes.

--> No excuses to stay inside all winter!

As a special snack I chocolated it up a little. I covered the Power Balls, which I was talking about in my last post, in a dark chocolate cover. Some sugar for the winter-Christmas time.

After the hike, we went to one of our favorite cafés, the pottery café, which has q cute and charming atmosphere; it just looks like right out of a story book. When you step in, Ranger the dog will welcome you friendly. And he will not get out of your side, especially when you decide to go for the pie. So it is very hard to not share a bite with him, while his loyal eyes are watching you, and make you feel guilty about every spoon you are not sharing with him. You will also be able to learn a lot about the Yukon while you are there, since Ranger and his owner are offering adventure tours every summer. Apart from snacking the delicious pie, you can meander around the pottery galery, maybe for some Christmas presents or just for a treat for yourself.

I did not take pictures of the cafe this time, but here are some pictures from it in the summer to warm up your thoughts.

For the next time we are in the area, we are planning on checking out some cafes in Orangeville and Erin after our hike. Do you guys have any recommendations for charming cute cafes?


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