Hike with Snowflakes: Hockley Valley

Updated: Dec 6, 2019

Our last adventure took us to the area of Orangeville. With the first snow in early November, this chilly snowflake hike was rather unexpected for this time of the year. The cool air came in very refreshing though and the covering of snow gave the scenery a magical touch. It almost felt like an excursion into a fairy tale.

This was our first time on this trail and we quite enjoyed the scenic views, which could have been scenes out of the Snow White tale. Maybe we payed a bit too much attention to the gorgeous environment (watching out for the seven dwarfs), since we slightly lost our way here and there.

The scenery was quite diverse. We didn't run into Snow White or her evil step mother, however, we saw some other interesting things, such as an old car body.

We started from the parking lot right into the woods. The trail was very moderate and quickly lead us to a small stream. After that, the trail gained a bit of elevation, which made us heat up a little in the chilly weather. However, just enough to get more excited for the trail lunch. In general, the hike was very moderate. Very suitable for intermediate hikers and as well beginners, due to the varitey of loops and possible combinations of paths.

The nature reserve offers a broad variety of small loops, joining in the Bruce Trail. We haven't had the chance to explore all of the paths, but we will definitely come back to find out more about the magical forrests and valleys. We are excited to discover Snow Whites meadows even more, eventually with snow shoes next time.


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